Liz Lemon was our "house whisperer." She is a calming presence. She doesn't give you a hard sell. And b/c she's detail oriented and on top of things--and there were a lot of things to be on top of--we trusted her. She's a very good presence.
We ended up having a "bidding war" on the house we wanted. And Liz was very savvy about how to approach the bid. There were two round of bidding, and she helped walk us through a good approach. I appreciated that she also tested out her approach by running her ideas by some of her trusted colleagues. What I'm getting at is that Liz has good intuition and experience, but she's also thorough in trying to be objective about her own ideas and advice. Liz was very much an asset for us--without her steady hand I'm not at all confident that we would have ended up with the house that we wanted. 



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